Left to right: Roman, Uwe, Timo, Mathias, Philipp

The founders

Beginning in the 1980s, 5 German students fell in love with the constantly evolving internet… but more importantly, game development. After the Berlin wall collapsed, this opened an entirely new world of opportunity to these 5 students to be inspired and take a risk at a job no one even knew existed… video game developers.

Our Founders have gone through a journey of pitfalls and successes. All 5 of them are to this date navigating YAGER through the radically evolving gaming industry and have proven both resilience and innovation as the company reaches 25 years.


Our team

Our team of about 130 employees consists of a rich variety of talented individuals from more than 20 countries. We value and cultivate the creative atmosphere and collaborative spirit present at YAGER while covering the process of creating games from the initial creative pitch, over the production and the publishing and maintenance of all our developed products. For our games to provide joy, we know the process of creating them must be enjoyable too.