YAGER is founded

In 1999, five friends and passionate gamers – Philipp, Timo, Roman, Mathias & Uwe – found YAGER.

First office

The team moves into the first YAGER office in Gubener Straße in Berlin-Friedrichshain, only a few blocks from the infamous Berghain night club.

What else?

MySpace rings in the age of Social Media, World of Warcraft redefines the MMORPG genre, and Steam releases and changes the games industry forever.

Second office

As the company grows it needs more space, and so YAGER moves accross the river into its second office on Schlesische Straße in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

YAGER releases the first game

YAGER teams up with THQ as its publisher and releases its first game – Yager – a fast-paced combat flight simulator and one of the first German games released internationally by a major publisher.

2006 –

We are growing!

YAGER grows to over 50 YAGERIANS and changes the official company language to English

Unreal Engine Focus

Years of experience and expertise gets recognised as YAGER becomes an Unreal Engine Expert and joins the Unreal Tech Advisory Board as a member.

What else?

Nintendo launches the Wii and suddenly even our grandparents play games, the solar system “loses” Pluto as a planet, and everyone becomes a gamer with the advent of smart phones.

YAGER moves to Kreuzberg

YAGER moves one more time into their current office right on the bank of the River Spree, with a spectacular view of the eastern skyline, the Oberbaum Bridge, the Wall, and the TV Tower.

Spec Ops: The Line

Together with publisher 2k, YAGER develops and releases its second game and first third-person shooter – Spec Ops: The Line.


The critically acclaimed Spec Ops: The Line sweeps award season taking home many trophies, such as Best Shooter, Best Narrative and more.

New colleagues

YAGER grows to over 100 YAGERIANS from all over the globe.

2013 –

Dead Island 2

Publisher Deep Silver enlists YAGER to develop the first version of Dead Island 2. Unfortunately the companies part ways in 2015 and it will take 2 more studios and 8 more years before the game releases.

Digital Dragons

Spec Ops: The Line tops off its award collection at the Digital Dragons Awards and becomes their “European Game of the Year”.

What else?

The German Mens Team win their fourth Football World Cup in Rio. PUBG rings in the age of Battle Royales, Fortnite becomes a cultural phenomenon, and TikTok launches internationally.

German Developer Prize

At the German Developer Awards YAGERs hard work and expertise pays off, as Dreadnought wins “Best Technical Achievement”.


YAGER releases their second combat flight simulator and first live multiplayer game – Dreadnought, published by Greybox.


YAGER brings their skills and knowledge accross the (small) pond, as they support the development of HEYNAS, by UK based Creative Assembly, maker of the Total War series.

Own publishing structure

After years of collaborations with publishers, YAGER takes a leap of faith and becomes a self-publishing studio, with The Cycle in development.

2019 –

German Studio Award

20 years of outstanding work in the German game industry are acknowledged when YAGER takes home “Best German Studio” at the German Developer Awards.

The Cycle

The Cycle, a competitive quest shooter and YAGERs first self-published game releases as an Epic Games Store exclusive.

What else?

Avengers: Endgame becomes the highest grossing film of all time. The world screeches to a painful halt during the Covid-19 pandemic, and Microsoft makes big moves, acquiring Bethesda and Activision Blizzard.

German Studio Award

At the German Computer Games Awards YAGER makes it a double with a second “Best German Studio Award” in a year, and the third in company history.

Tencent majority investement

After years of collaboration, YAGER joins the Tencent family as a second party studio, as Tencent makes a majority investment in the company.

The Cycle: Frontier

After a radical creative pivot and a brief hiatus, The Cycle re-releases as The Cycle: Frontier, a high-stakes sci-fi extraction shooter, on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

2024 –


YAGER is thrilled to offically announce they are taking everything they’ve learned with The Cycle: Frontier on board as they support Sharkmob in realizing their exciting vision for Exoborne.


YAGER celebrates its 25th anniversary by unveiling the new brand, website and communication strategy of the studio.

Dune: Awakening

Supporting Funcom, another award winning studio in the Tencent family, YAGER officially announces the ongoing co-development on the upcoming open world survival MMO Dune: Awakening.