Culture & Diversity

Walking down a city block in Berlin is a bit like traveling the world, where families, techno heads and professionals converge, and you hear German, French, English, Arabic, Turkish, you name it, all blending together to create the unique soundtrack of this city. Berlin’s reputation for diversity, oddity and multiculturalism is earned and fiercely protected by its residents. Above all, this is a city where you can be yourself, no questions asked.


Nature & vibrant nightlife

Berlin is one of the greenest cities in Europe with more than 2,500 parks, as well as more than 3,000 lakes in the city and the surrounding state of Brandenburg. It also happens to be the nightlife capital of the world with a staggering 4,500 bars and clubs. You can lose track of time in the dark underworld of the city only to emerge and detox in a green oasis, all within the city boundaries.


Public Transportation

After the wall came down two cities became one. That means the city is BIG and rather than one city center, boasts multiple district centers, each with their own vibe and experiences to offer – Here, we live wide. You can visit them all and get anywhere you need with a comprehensive network of interconnected trains, buses, trams, and bustling bike paths. Berlin is a city that keeps you moving and exploring.