Navigating Remote Work: Tips for Maintaining Productivity and Collaboration

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, hybrid and remote work has become the new norm. While this shift offers flexibility and convenience, it also presents unique challenges in maintaining productivity and fostering collaboration among team members who are dispersed.

At YAGER we have found a number of things that have really helped us navigate the challenges of this new reality:

Clear Communication Channels: At YAGER we utilize a combination of digital communication tools (e.g., Slack, Microsoft Teams) and in-person meetings to ensure all team members stay connected and informed.
Managers are encouraged to clearly define expectations regarding communication frequency, response times, and preferred communication methods for both remote and in-office employees.

Foster Inclusivity and Equity: We ensure that remote team members have equal access to resources and opportunities as their in-office counterparts and welcome all EU based remote employees to visit the Berlin Studio on a quarterly basis, for which the company covers all travel and accommodation costs. All our meetings are hybrid and we encourage inclusive meeting practices.

Prioritize Team Building and Connection: We have 2 Company Office Days a month where all hybrid employees meet face to face, and many of our remote employees plan their office visits around these days too. We organize regular team-building activities and social events to strengthen relationships and foster a sense of camaraderie among all team members. Whether its eating waffles together or making videos about your team, we try to maintain a steady stream of fun activities to create connections. While we actively avoid cringeworthy trust fall type activities, we have found that beyond a certain level of team bonding, even cringe can be connecting!

Provide Flexible Work Arrangements: YAGER offers a large selection of flexibility in work hours and location to accommodate the diverse needs and preferences of remote and hybrid team members. Our policies aim to support work-life balance, mental health and the wellbeing of all our employees.

Lead by Example: We are committed, at all levels, to demonstrate a commitment to remote and hybrid work by embracing flexibility, adaptability, and inclusivity in our work practices. Our feedback culture is one of our top priorities and we continue to work on it, so that all our employees feel they can communicate openly and transparently with their team, soliciting feedback and actively addressing any concerns or challenges that arise. Working in such a tumultuous time in an industry known for its ups and downs, we maintain that good collaboration, trust building and an open feedback culture, as well as embracing technology, establishing effective communication channels, and prioritizing work-life balance are key to navigating hybrid and remote work successfully.