Going hybrid with YAGER

Like so many other companies Yager also went through a change process when it comes to working remotely. The benefits of it are immense and helps us as a company to strengthen employee engagement. We’ve set guidelines and procedures for this, and it has helped in many cases where e.g. employees wanted to also be able to take care of their family while continuing working on full or reduced capacity. As we have more than 30 nationalities represented at YAGER, we’ve seen how important it is for so many of us to be able to spend more time with family, while also continuing to work.

Being able to accommodate to employees’ living situation (e.g. having young children or elderly person at home) and their working schedule is a benefit we want to continue offering our employees as we are a very family friendly company.

There are still things that leave room to improvement when working hybrid. And we at YAGER are embracing it! Every new employee who joins us either fully remote or hybrid, shows us how far we have come. The fact that we have now so many employees spread all over Europe (and outside of Europe) enriches our YAGER culture. At the end, we are where we are thanks to our employees and the diversity they bring to the table.  

Of course, offering the possibility of remote work has also helped us to attract talents, who cannot join us in Berlin. Yet, everyone is offered the option to relocate to Berlin, once their personal situation allows it. In this matter we work with a relocation agency to make the move to Germany as smooth as possible.

Employees can plan most of their office days flexibly. Some days are set by their Manager/Producer, and we have 2 days a month where we have team and company wide events planned in the office, to get the most out of seeing each other in person. We are also facing the challenges of having mixed teams that work hybrid and remote, and so far we have managed it quite well. :zwinkern: Each remote employee can visit the Berlin office once per quarter (at the company’s expense) to also meet their colleagues in person. We are all longing for connection and belonging, and to bridge the gap when working remote or hybrid is a challenge all companies are facing and we can’t wait to see what we will accomplish in this sense this year 2024!