YAGER 2023 Christmas: Celebrating our people

Christmas is celebrated in many countries of the world in different ways, sometimes by exchanging gifts, decorating homes, enjoying parades or parties, dedicating prayer, and of course sharing food and drinks.

Regardless of how it is celebrated, this date has for a long time been a precious moment to get together with your loved ones. At YAGER, Christmas is all about that, it’s about celebrating the people we spend many hours of our days with pursuing a common objective.

Eventhough we are proud to be a game company from Berlin, we have employees from all around the world that share our mission and work from their home countries. You all know traveling usually is one of the most expressive costs for a company when deciding to give employees the chance to meet face-to-face. And we may agree with that if the perspective is only cost driven.

Now if you dig deeper and plan properly, we invite you to look at an event like this as a huge profitable investment. Creating the opportunity to gather in person is essential for you to foster trust within your teams and in a world where remote working has became a reality to many companies, trust is more important than ever to make our employees work experience a fulfilling one.

This year we chose Oberhafenkantine in Berlin to be our location for our gathering which offered an extraordinary and colorful concept for our party with the exclusive “Hüttenzauber”. If you have been to any Christmas market in Berlin, that is the experience we wanted to create.

And it was a blast! Great food, delightful drinks, fire pits and huts and even a karaoke van! We gathered for (at least) 6 hours to celebrate each other, humanizing those faces that we saw almost daily in our computer screens. By being closer to our colleagues we naturally foster trust and build stronger commitments to continue to pursue our mission.

We can’t wait to see what 2024 has in store for us, but we can assure you that we have a lot to share this year because we not only will continue to celebrate each other, but we are also hitting the amazing mark of 25 years YAGER.